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Visiting Professorship Programme of the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences and Arts (StMWK)

This mobility funding provided by the Free State of Bavaria for international visiting professors is part of the internationalization programme for Bavarian universities.

Format of the visiting professorship

Since April 2020 visiting professorships can also be realized in a digital format. This is possible for teaching activities or for a combination of teaching and research.
However it must be taken into consideration that unfortunately a research activity without teaching activities cannot be funded. Research has to be proportionately combined with teaching.
It is also possible to have a virtual guest professorship! This can be either the combination of research and teaching or just in teaching. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a digital mobility just for research purposes. Research is only possible in connection with extensive teaching activity.
It is also possible to apply for a 50% visiting professorship, even in a digital format. A combination of contact and virtual teaching is also possible for the time of the visiting professorship.

Intention of the programme

• Have the opportunity to have international scientists stay for temporary visiting professorships at Bavarian universities
• Provide funding for the realization of temporary research projects
• Internationalization of teaching

Eligibility for filing an application

An application can be submitted by all FHWS professors. With the approval of the respective faculty deans, professors of FHWS are able to apply on behalf of the visiting scholar. The application has to be signed by the dean. Unfortunately, a direct application of visiting scientists themselves is not possible. 

Eligible persons – who can be funded?

The Visiting Professorship Programme of the Free State of Bavaria is exclusively addressing international professors who are interested in a visiting professorship at a Bavarian university.
Lecturers, graduating doctors and post-docs can be supported by mobility funding provided by the EU within the scope of the Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching assignments programme (KA 107-STA).

Duration of stay

Stays can vary from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six months. 

Eligible activities for funding

• Complementary courses (lectures, presentations, block courses, seminars)
• Initiation, development or consolidation of teaching and research collaborations
• Preparation for grant requests

Please note: A substitution of already existing lectures and basic teaching cannot be funded!


The monthly remuneration of visiting professors is regulated by a FHWS professor’s employment (engagement) contract. Travel expenses and accommodation will not be covered by the FHWS and therefore have to be paid by the visiting professor. 

Application procedure

The application deadlines are:

  • 30 November for summer semester 
  • 30 June for winter semester 

Note: Due to the current pandemic, applications can be submitted continuously, but at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the visiting professorship (contact or virtual teaching).

Please fill out the application form and email it to barbara.mueller-scheuring[at]

Application documents

The following documents have to be submitted when applying for a visiting professorship within the framework of the Visiting Professorship Programme of the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences and Arts:

1) Application form (to be signed by the dean of the FHWS faculty)
2) Copy of valid ID card
3) Document confirming the current employment at the university or academy
4) Curriculum vitae
5) Proof of professorship (habilitation), certificates and reports
6) List of publications

Reporting and Notification Obligation

Which kind of reporting is required?

By the end of their stay (virtual or presence) at FHWS, the visiting professors have to write a short final report on the activities implemented in teaching and research and have to hand it over to their host professor at FHWS. Following data should be included at the top of the final report: address of the home university, name of the visiting professor, duration of the visiting professorship. The final report can be written in German or in English and has to be signed by the visiting professor at the bottom of the document.