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Studienkolleg Procedure

In case you received the result "Studienkolleg" from uni-assist, it means you cannot be admitted directly to a German university. You first need to do a preparation course (so-called “Studienkolleg” or “foundation year”) or study at least for one year in a similar Bachelor programme in your home country to receive your higher education qualification and start your studies at a German university. Herewith we would like to provide you with information regarding the possibilities for you to study at FHWS:

FHWS does not have its own Studienkolleg/Foundation year programme. This means you need to search for a Studienkolleg and apply for it on your own.

Before applying for a Studienkolleg, please read the information on the Studienkolleg's website regarding application deadlines. Also, carefully read important information regarding language requirements, entrance examinations, and tuition fees.

You need to choose a technical direction (T-course) if you would like to study our degree programs Mechatronics (B.Eng.), Logistics (B.Eng.), Business and Engineering (B.Eng.) or Robotics (B.Eng.).

Several Studienkollegs and websites are listed here:

 • Studienkolleg Coburg: Public Studienkolleg with German as language of instruction. In order to apply you need to hold German level B2.

Berlin International College: Private Studienkolleg with English as language of instruction.

If you register at a state Studienkolleg (only in German language) you will graduate with a subject-related entrance qualification for all universities in Germany. The listed Studienkolleg Coburg is the state Studienkolleg near our university, but you will find two Studienkollegs in every state of Germany, which you can choose from.

Concerning private Studienkollegs in other German Federal States: Please make sure that the certificate you get from a specific Studienkolleg does not restrict you for studying only in the state the Studienkolleg is situated in or a specific university. For example: If your final certificate states that you are now eligible to study at Universities at the federal state Niedersachsen you cannot be admitted to FHWS, which is located in the federal state of Bavaria.

Please note that Berlin International College (BIC) is a partner of FHWS and offers Studienkolleg courses in English. We started this cooperation due to the demand for a Studienkolleg for our programs with English as the language of instruction. After graduating BIC, you will be eligible to study only at our university. As part of the cooperation of BIC and our university, you will receive a conditional admission letter from FHWS.

Please contacrt Berlin Internatioal College directly to get more information about admission requirements and necessary documents for the application process.