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Alumni der englischen Bachelorstudiengänge

Im Folgenden möchten wir Ihnen die Alumni vorstellen, die zwischen 2017 und 2018 als Erste einen unserer englischsprachigen Bachelorstudiengänge absolviert haben. 

Ritank Gupta

FHWS Absolvent Ritank Gupta
  • Herkunftsland: Indien

  • Studiengang: Business and Engineering

  • Praxissemester: METRO AG, Abteilung Sourcing and Procurement in Düsseldorf (Deutschland)

  • Weiterer Werdegang: Masterstudium in Finance

"Studying at FHWS was one of the best experiences of my life. The university provided excellent opportunities which helped me a lot to develop my personality and skills. Getting to know students from around the world and developing strong friendships with them was the highlight of my stay in Schweinfurt. The city is the perfect place to enjoy as well as concentrate on the studies and save up money to travel around Europe during vacations. The university really did its best to keep us engaged through various activities like "Taste the World", while also supporting the international students to organize their own events."

Maliha Kehar

FHWS Absolventin Maliha Kehar
  • Herkunftsland: Pakistan

  • Studiengang: Business and Engineering

  • Praxissemester: adidas AG, Footwear Material Sourcing in Herzogenaurach (Deutschland)

  • Weiterer Werdegang: Masterstudium in Sustainable Resource Management

"I learned a lot at FHWS. It would have been better if the university and the library would have been open longer and on Sundays but in total I had the best 3.5 years of my life. Since the very first day to the very end, the FHWS Team International and the Faculty members of Business and Engineering helped in every aspect of studying in Germany. The course fitted perfectly with my career goals. I would really like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity of studying at FHWS."

Monika Mangarova

FHWS Absolventin Monika Mangarova, Foto: Simone Friese
  • Herkunftsland: Bulgarien

  • Studiengang: Business and Engineering

  • Praxissemester: Airbus, Procurement Strategy Analyst in München (Deutschland)

  • Auslandssemester: National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

  • Weiterer Werdegang: Masterstudium in Aerospace Engineering

"My times at the FHWS and in Schweinfurt bring a smile and warm memories. The mix of diverse cultures and people made my student life that much better. The core of my studies and the skills and knowledge built and collected thought my time at the FHWS comes down to the professors and lectures. Their out of the box teaching methods, insights of the relevant industries and real-life examples of theories and methodologies really helped me to prepare for my career."



Hemal Gajjar

FHWS Absolvent Hemal Gajjar
  • Herkunftsland: Indien

  • Studiengang: Business and Engineering

  • Praxissemester: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co.KG, Abteilung Production Planning and Project Management in Hirschaid (Deutschland)

  • Weiterer Werdegang: Masterstudium in Management and Innovation

"During my time at FHWS, there were many good experiences like good study life, good city life, also the fun of learning in intercultural environment. The education at FHWS allows to apply the theoretical knowledge into real life. I experienced a lot of growth as an individual as well as a professional."

Justin Mathew

FHWS Absolvent Justin Mathew, Foto: Simone Friese
  • Herkunftsland: Indien

  • Studiengang: Business and Engineering

  • Praxissemester: Schaeffler Technologies AG, Product Management Sales in Deutschland
  • Auslandssemester: Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

  • Weiterer Werdegang: Vertiefendes Praktikum und anschließendes Masterstudium


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