Outgoing Exchange Students

There are a number of different ways for FHWS students to study abroad: you are able to study or complete an internship in Europe or further afield, or to attend one of our 140 partner universities or another host university as a so-called Free Mover while receiving a study grant or financing your stay for yourself ...

Regardless of the route you choose, one thing applies for all: your stay abroad must be planned thoroughly well in advance. With “well in advance”, we actually mean at least one year before you wish to go abroad.

Why not take a look at our Europe diaries to learn more about the experiences of outgoing FHWS students? We have compiled and shared students’ experiences during their stay abroad here.

The following pages contain important information that may be useful when you are planning and organising your time abroad. You will also find information to help you determine the best way to spend time abroad.

These questions may help you with your planning:

  • What would be the best time for me to go abroad during my degree programme?
  • How long do I want to go for?
  • Do I want to study or would I prefer to complete an internship?
  • Which countries would suit me best?
  • Which higher education institutions offer the best options?
  • What budget is available to me for my time abroad?
  • Am I sufficiently proficient in the national/teaching/working language(s)?

And in case you are still not making any progress: each faculty has an International Affairs Officer who is in contact with different higher education institutions and will be able to advise you. The FHWS International team is also on hand in both Würzburg and Schweinfurt to answer any questions you may have about your personal journey to spending time abroad.