Transition into professional life

On this page, you will find some events and offers that seek to support you during the transition into professional life.

Temporary Schedule for winter semester 2019/20

Dates will be announced soon.

  • 24.09.19 (Tue): Company visit: Hi-Lex - Schweinfurt
  • 15.10.19 (Tue): Company visit: SKF - Schweinfurt (only for IBE students)
  • 17.10.19 (Thu): Company visit: ZF Friedrichshafen - Schweinfurt (only for IBE students)
  • Company visit: Siemens (Arena of digitalization) - Bad Neustadt (only for IBE students)
  • Company visit: KBE - Würzburg (only for IBE students)
  • 18.10.19 (Fri): Company visit: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG- Schweinfurt (only für IBE students)
  • Company visit: SKF - Schweinfurt
  • Company visit: DATA MODUL - Weikersheim
  • 08.11.19 (Fr): Teach and learning culture: xChange - Schweinfurt
  • 29.11.19 (Fr): Teach and learning culture: xChange - Schweinfurt
  • 13.12.19 (Fr): Teach and learning culture: xChange - Schweinfurt
  • 09.10.19 (Wed): Application training + CV correction - Schweinfurt
  • 05.12.19 (Thu): Application training + CV correction - Würzburg
  • 28.11.19 (Thu): Extensive application training - Schweinfurt
  • 28.11.19 (Thu): Company visit (career tours) - Fränkische Rohrwerke - Königsberg
  • 28.11.19 (Thu): Company visit (career tours) - ZF Friedrichshafen - Schweinfurt
  • 19.11.19 (Tue): Job fair: Akademika (free shuttle bus) - Augsburg
  • 09.12.19 (Mo): Region Mainfranken - Local labour market - Schweinfurt
  • 10.12.19 (Tue): Extensive training: preparation for your job interview - Schweinfurt
  • 10.12.19 (Tue): Extensive training: applying successfully with an online and initiative application - Schweinfurt

Please check the information below and register via the FHWS E-Learning portal.

Excursions of FHWS

With small groups, we visit local companies throughout Lower Franconia (Unterfranken). Students will get an insight into the company of a possible future employer. In addition, it is an opportunity to make first contacts and start or broaden your personal network.

Excursions have taken place to

  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Schaeffler AG
  • Knauf Gips KG
  • DATA MODUL Weikersheim GmbH

Planned excursions:

  • Hi-Lex Europe GmbH

For excursions to companies, please register via FHWS E-Learning.


career tours Mainfranken

Cooperating with FHWS, Region Mainfranken GmbH also offers visits to local companies. As soon as available, more information about upcoming company tours are published on this page.

Information about tours:

Information about career tours Mainfranken on 02.14.19

Please find more information how to register (in englisch) under:

How to register for career tours Mainfranken 2019

Please register via career tours Mainfranken.

Every semester, students can take part in the job fair Akademika. It is one of the biggest job fairs in Germany where students have the opportunity to establish first contacts with employers from various industries. You might even find an internship or your future employer. Don’t miss it!

The Akademika offers the following services free of charge:

  • Shuttle Bus
  • CV-Check
  • Coaching
  • All about
  • Photo shooting
  • Jobwall

Akademika takes place twice a year:

  • Spring: Nürnberg
  • Autumn: Augsburg

There is a free shuttle service from Würzburg and Schweinfurt!


Autumn: Augsburg

Date: 19th Nov 2019


  • Departure Location: Röntgengymnasium - Sanderring 8
  • Departure time: 07:30


  • Departure Location: FH-Parkplatz - Fritz-Drescher-Straße
  • Departure time: 06:30


  • Departure time: 17:15


Please register via the German page ‘Anmeldung Akademika’.

You may download the registration help in English: How to register for the free shuttle bus

Event information are published in time on this page!

During the application trainings, students get to know the features and specifics of German applications. You will learn about the structure of an application and the rules you should observe when writing an application. By observing these application rules, you will boost your chances for a successful application at a German company. We thus highly recommend taking advantage of this offer!

After the application training you also have the opportunity to have your personal application checked.

Please register via FHWS E-Learning.

During the application training, students can get their applications checked.

Even if you wrote your application according to the application rules already, it is worthwhile getting it checked by a third person. We offer this service during the application training!

Please register via FHWS E-Learning.

There is also the event Presenting Local Companies. Various providers, for example the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), Region Mainfranken or the local employment agency, introduce you the region of Lower Franconia.

This event is a good opportunity to get an overview of possible employers and companies in Lower Franconia.

Please register via FHWS E-Learning.